Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas & Toothaches!

Hello all! 

Wasn't Christmas so grand!?! I love this time of year. I love decorating my apartment every year and just lighting candles. I am such a dork but I just LOVE this time of year! 

But most of all... it could never be Christmas without my Mom's homemade cinnamon rolls, famous caramels and her recent addition, salted chocolate (which is to die for). 

So for Christmas this year I wanted to do something REALLY special for Amanda & Robin since I could actually afford it.  I have a Tiffany & Co. bracelet that I just love, and I thought how awesome it would be to get each of them the same bracelet. Something simple yet nice, not too flashy... it was the PERFECT gift. They both loved it and tonight at the house, I noticed they were both wearing the bracelet which made me a little bit happy inside. 

As usual Christmas morning does not come without it's giggles with us... Amanda graced us with her wrapping paper box accordian... 

All the clothes David got as gifts he decided to put on...even his compression shorts ontop of 3 pairs of basketball shorts and pajama pants... 

It was truly incredible how he could sing an whole octave higher!
The kittens are growing up FAST and they are so hilarious. They are just jumping around on top of each other and chasing one another around the condo. They are a fun distraction. My Mom & I are convinced they  all look the same, you literally can not tell a difference between the 3 of them. They would be so fun to keep, but I refuse to be the crazy cat lady. A lady who I used to nanny for has offered to take all 3 of them plus GussGuss. I think GussGuss is more of an outdoor cat and would LOVE being out on this farm in Fall City, WA. 

They are cute...

 Until they show off their mountain climbing skills...

As a few of you know from Facebook, I had mouth surgery yesterday. In the car accident when I hit my head on the steering wheel I shattered my back right tooth, the last one, #31. I was on some medications that would not allow me to have oral surgery due to the fact that my blood would not clot. So as time passed by I forgot about the tooth. Then when I was flying back from LA, as the plane landed and I was reaching for my bag down by my feet, so was the gentleman sitting next to me and he elbowed me right in the jaw, where that tooth was. Without any warning tears started streaming down my face. GREAT. He apologized over & over, I figured the pain would just go away. Not so much. I get into the dentist to find that there was 23% of my tooth left and that shards of tooth somehow ended up down below the tooth and was embedded in the nerve. I could have surgery the very next day but due to complications the next opening for the OR was Monday. Popping Advil and painkillers like candy, by Christmas Eve I was in so much pain I didn't know what to do. NOTHING was cutting out the pain and I couldn't eat. On Sunday night I called up my regular dentist who met me at 8pm at his office and wrote me a stronger prescription for pain killers. I have equated waiting for pain killers to kick in to a slow and painful death. No doubt! So yesterday within 45min the oral surgeon yanked the tooth out and sewed back the nerve. Hallelujah! So for the next few days it's smoothies and yogurt!

Well that's all for now!
I'm sure more exciting things will happen that I will have to post about...but for now me and my stitched up mouth are going to bed. 

Love you all!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I have been having so much fun, especially last night, that I didn't want to leave yet. For Chris' birthday we went bowling and that was a trip. 

Mama Peek is pretty funny to bowl with...she stands to the side dancing and shaking her hips wishing everyone good luck. However she just couldn't seem to get the ball to go where she wanted it to go. 

The funniest person ever to bowl with was Cory...ohhhhh my goodness, I wiped tears a few times from laughing so hard. I got a few great examples...

Like I said he's pretty hilarious.

There was a room full of pool tables, Chris was happy. 

Cory's girl Angel, wants me to move here so badly. 
I am so glad that I've gotten to meet her. 

This is a lot of fun being here and I am glad that I have such an amazing group of friends to be with here. Something that was kind of funny, I was the only white person in the bowling alley. 

Today while Chris was asleep (he has a nasty cold) I played around on Photoshop and made this.
I have already planned a 2nd trip back while the prices are so cheap to fly.

I could never ask for better, more amazing people to spend my time with. 
I consider them my 2nd family. 

Oh man I loving it here so much that I extended my trip. I am staying here until Thursday. The funny thing about it is that I forgot to tell my Mom. She called thinking I was in the air and was planning on leaving a message to tell me to call her when I landed. WHOOPS! She was surprised when she called Chris & I answered. :)

Love you all!

Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!

Since everybody & their Mom started using Facebook, I gave up on trying to find the time to update my blog. And let's be honest, uploading photo's felt sometimes like the biggest test of my patience. SO I gave up, as I usually do when things don't go my way (let's be honest).

So since I last posted...

In MAY I graduated from USU with my degree in Public Relations and Sociology...mummy & daddy were so proud! 

My "black bestfriend" Chris & I were pretty dang excited... and no matter how many times I tell my Dad that we are just friends he still questions what my "intentions" are with Christopher...oh wow. 

 As we are taking graduation pictures my Mom has me standing in really weird locations...only after she takes the picture I realized she was zooming in on that's a WOW!

No more cold snowy Utah! My roommates who became my family all went separate ways

In JUNE for Amanda's birthday Robin, Amanda and I and friends went to the RatCity Rollerderby. We have decided we are starting our own team and we will be called HellzBellz! 

 While I was home after graduation Wobbs and I finally went to the Gum Wall! Her 1st time ever going... 

In JULY after coming back from a trip home I decided it was time to move Chris & I had one last hoorah, which consisted of driving down to SLC with the windows down, music up, to go meet up with our friends down there. 
We prepared a last supper meals fit for Kings...

Chris is one of the most humble, down to earth people you will ever meet...this was the last night we got to play together in SLC...

Before leaving UT we had to have annual Savage family 4th of July breakfast up Blacksmith Fork Canyon. 

I love this super fun tradition because you see all the cousins and all their babies once a year! I love it!

As I was starting to pack my life up...a very sudden passing of an amazing person happened.
Mike Wilborn, aka Willis passed away... so on a very impromptu visit, I returned home for the funeral.

The passing of 1 individual brought me & my old friends from high school back together again. Oh my girls... they are pretty spectacular. 

After Willis died, I knew more than ever that hone is where I was meant to be. I didn't hesitate, I immediately started packing... and yes, it looked like an alcoholic was moving! Let me tell you though, liquor boxes are the BEST boxes to move in!

I reached maximum capacity...

No literally...

Remember me saying Christopher was the most amazing individual in the world? He offered to pack his car to the rim as well and drive to Seattle with me & turn right back around...all within 48 hours. THAT, is a true friend my people.  

There was a minor problem...before I  moved into my new place...SOMETHING had to be done about the forest green walls in the condo... oh yeah, they were DARK!

All I could say was, "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad??" 

While in the process of making over the apartment, I hunted and searched for hours & hours till I found the PERFECT couch... 

So with all of the cleaning and moving and pulling magic tricks out of hats... I transformed the place...was that angels singings? YUP!

While I was covered paint, I was also getting to work on becoming the #1 west coast merchandise design seller for Hurley clothing company....yup THE Hurley. .
 I get to say I work for Hurley... the above picture and the picture below are a few of my designs... I started Amelia Bell Design when I had downtown with Hurley...I have 14 clients right now throughout the state of Washington that I manage their PR and/or graphic design 

In AUGUST Robin had her 4 favorites boys from school come & visit. We had loads of fun for a week while they were here. We went up to Newcastle Golf Course to show them the views...they jumped in a fit of joy... 

Then I went camping in Yakima for a weekend & floated the Yakima River. That trip taught me who my true friends really are...that's always a rough lesson to learn huh?

So the trip to Lake Roosevelt with the family the very next day after getting back from camping helped the whole situation with friends. I realized nobody will be as good of friends to me as my sisters. Lake Roosevelt was amazing, the lake was complete perfection. We found a few good spots to go cliff jumping. The best part...NO CELL PHONE RECEPTION. For those of you who don't think I can go without my phone, you're wrong. I loved it. 

The second we got back from Lake Roosevelt we all elbowed each other for the showers in the house & made our way into Seattle for Kris & Dina's wedding! I stole this from their Facebook.

It was so gorgeous. Everything was perfection... 

The best part of weddings is everybody coming together, all the family & everything...aren't they adorable?

To finish off the month of August and wind down the summer, we have my birthday. I might have a slight cake obsession with rainbow chip cake & icing. Disgusting to some, heaven to me. :) 

 Nothing big happened in SEPTEMBER. School started & I for the 1st time in my life I didn't start classes. It was a bizarre feeling, I felt lazy or as if I wasn't accomplishing anything. I guess the only exciting thing was that GussGuss my cat decided she had, had enough of me & jumped off the 2nd story balcony. She came back! 

I also become a legal Washington resident!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ended the month of September by going to my friends work party... Brandon Lee is, one of my good friends, is the manager at Pyramid Breweries in downtown Seattle. Every year they have a huge party called "Snowcap Party" - you wear your favorite snow hat and such. I was VERY excited for this because my collection of snowcaps from Utah is very extensive. I felt this one fit my personality very well... 

The party was a lot of fun, there was so much to see & do! It was a very fun night. Even washing your hands was fun! Obviously...

OCTOBER came & that was a busy month! I drove down to Utah for two great events!!! USU Homecoming & Holly Savage's wedding. The reason why I didn't fly down is because I used my free ticket and flew none other than.... CHRISTOPHER(!!!) to Utah to be will all of our old friends who were all coming together for the weekend festivities. 

It felt so good have what we have dubbed ourselves as, The 3 Amigo's of LasLoganos, back together again. Chris, Kallie & I are a pretty amazing trio. 

On the same day as the Homecoming football game...Holly got hitched! Boy did she look pretty. 

The month of October can't happen without celebrating the birthday of the one & only David! HE IS SIXTEEN YEARS OLD!!!! How does that happen!?!?!?!?!?!? 

Then you can't forget about Halloween...the best way to end any month is with a party! I got very creative and was a holy rug...yeah I had about 5 seconds to think of something. I got 2 $12 rugs from Home Depot and strung em together & cut holes in them... a holy rug.

As I rolled into NOVEMBER we got some sad Aunt Laura (Holly's mom) passed away from injuries she sustained in a car accident the day before Holly's wedding. We went down to Utah for the funeral for about 48 hours.

For Thanksgiving I decided why not go stand in line at Target for 6+ hours to get some deals... 

For $200 some dollars I got a 40" flat screen!

Oh yeah! When I returned home from the Utah trip I was greeted with a *surprise*! Remember when GussGuss jumped off the balcony...well she was a floosy while out running in the streets and I knew she was looking fat...but not THIS FAT:
HELLO 3 LITTLE KITTNES! >shake my head<

I decided that after GussGuss gave birth I needed a vacation.  A birth really takes it out of a girl ya know!? So for DECEMBER I booked a ticket to sunny California. $65 each way! For Chris' birthday I figured why not come down for the celebration. He lives in Compton & let me tell you, it is warm here!

When he took me over to the beach, all I could keep saying was, WHAT MONTH IS IT!??! If it were not for the Christmas ads on TV I don't think these people would know the difference between August and December. 

So there is an update from the gorgeous LA! 
Chris & I are off to go wreak havoc on this city together!